(Designing Your Life) 
Ten sessions over twelve weeks Special Coaching package

What do I want to grow into? How do I find a job that I love? How do I make a difference in the world?

These are questions that the book Designing Your Life-How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Dave Evans and Bill Burnett from Stanford University will help you answer. My coaching program is there to support you through the work the book requires and to help you get additional insights, identify blocks or blind spots as well as develop new practices to support your growth. During our weekly sessions, we will review a chapter of the book and discuss the exercises. The program is 12 weeks long and include 10 coaching sessions of an hour each.


  • You will be guided through the powerful and time-tested Design Thinking methodology that has been successfully used for creating new products.

  • Get feedback on your Dashboard, Work and Life Views, MindMaps and Odyssey Plans.

  • Discover your most powerful and important core values – those that must be part of the next step in your life.

  • Learn how to begin to shape your future by prototyping your dream job.

  • Get support at each step along the way.

Elements of the package:

This program includes:

  • A detailed needs assessment.

  • Ten weekly coaching sessions with me, in person (San Francisco and Monterey Bay area), by phone or via video conferencing. Each session is 60 minutes long. Sessions are held over a period of twelve weeks.

  • A platform for us to share materials, progress, sources, insights, readings and notes.

  • A copy of the book Designing Your Life- How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

  • Follow-up between sessions via text or email, as needed.

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