Anne-Marie’ s program has allowed me to take a major decision in my life related to my professional career and my personal life that was very difficult to take. Though exercices on my decisions process, imagining the possible options I had, and analyzing my emotions, Anne-Marie guided me with great professionalism. I am very thankful for her program. My life is going to be much better now, thanks to Anne-Marie’s program, and I am very excited.
— A.D.
I had the pleasure to have Anne-Marie as my coach for the past 6 months and she was a wonderful and truly helpful coach. Anne-Marie is a great listener who hears you fully and always asks the right questions to get to the heart of the problem. She is genuine and warm hearted and always communicate in a positive and effective way.
Through my journey with Anne-Marie, she taught me a lot of techniques and strategies that helps me to approach daily challenges in a more positive approach. I now have more strength and emotional intelligence than before we met.
— H.A.
“Anne-Marie definitely has a gift.  She was able to articulate my scattered thoughts into a coherent and actionable issue and provide a completely doable plan of action for success.  I felt understood and energized to address my situation and comforted to have a road map.”
— E.A.
I had been exploring options for my ‘next chapter’ of life - reading, journaling/visual storytelling and attending lectures, etc (the usual forays that a curious mind might take to identify ways to apply my experience and skills in new ventures. But I wasn’t focused...that is, until Anne-Marie helped me get to know parts of myself I was either overlooking or, flat-out, couldn’t recognize because they were buried in my unconscious or known but long forgotten due to a decades long hectic career in tech with a crazy travel schedule. I found that Anne-Marie’s insightful questioning and thoughtful suggestions for reading/listening or personal reflection exercises encouraged and guided me to take positive actions and/or make meaningful decisions in areas of my life where I had been stalled or struggling. She definitely helped me prioritize and develop focus. Of course, I’m still on my journey...and, I’m very appreciative of Anne-Marie’s creative gifts as a life coach for the progress I feel I’ve made in recent months. I can recommend her without hesitation. Feel free to message me with any questions if you are considering her services.
— J.H.
Anne-Marie is a wonderful listener who made it a pleasure for me to reflect on my goals, strengths, challenges and values. She is kind, objective, wise and provides encouragement, practical exercises and a thoughtful approach to living — and being — well. I encourage others to invest in themselves by engaging Anne-Marie.
— D.C.
Since I had never participated in any form of coaching before I had only very few ideas of what to expect, all I had was an open mind and a lingering feeling that something wasn’t quite right at that time of my life. I came out of the sessions with a new perspective and what can only be described as a revelation of what it really is that I want from life. The sessions with Anne-Marie were very enjoyable, she has the ability to ask the right questions and I came out of each of them with a sensation of positive energy. And over the course of time she was able to peel away the layers that kept holding me back. 
All I can say is Thank You!!
— B.K.