(new beginnings) 
Six Months custom coaching program


At a threshold? Stuck in a rut? Dealing with the same issues over and over again? Lost a sense of direction? Looking for renewed meaning and purpose in your life?

Ready for new beginnings?

I can help. My (New Beginnings) custom coaching program is 5 to 6 months long and includes 10 to 12 face-to-face sessions of up to 90 minutes each. My style of coaching is developmental and integral. Integral Coaching means that throughout the program we will be looking together at your life as a whole instead of focusing on just one aspect of it. After the program is complete, you will have developed and grown and, you will be able to continue to work on yourself independently. We will be exploring and developing who you are cognitively, emotionally and somatically. Coaching requires adopting new practices to bring forward change and transformation for your "New Beginnings". The length of a fully customized integral coaching program allows for that deep and lasting personal change. 

Elements of thE program

A customized (New Beginnings) Integral Coaching program includes:

  • A detailed assessment of your current situation and needs.

  • A proposal describing the purpose and intended outcomes for the coaching program.

  • A detailed personal development plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Ten to twelve coaching sessions, two per month, for a duration of five to six months.

  • Additional resources as needed.

Because the program is uniquely designed for you, its cost varies, depending on its length, the duration of each session and the number of additional resources brought into the program. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and expectations and, to get pricing information.