(Inner Compass) Wisdom Walk
Three sessions special coaching package

Do you feel unsure on what’s next in your life? Do you struggle to envision a new career or life for yourself? Wouldn’t you love to discover what your next step in life is?

You are not alone. Most people in transitions report having lost a sense of direction, of purpose and value. The trouble is, if we do not take advantage of this in-between time, we can find ourselves trapped in a new situation which is no better than the one we just left, not having had a chance to reflect and revisit one’s values and priorities before taking the next step.

This special (Inner Compass) Wisdom Walk coaching package will help you uncover the true essence of who you are at the core and what is most meaningful to you, so that you can step into your next walk of life with courage and clarity.

Benefits of the package:

  • Reflective time spent in nature, free from the external judgements and limiting constructs of your everyday world.

  • You will be guided through a powerful and time-honored practice, the Wisdom Walk (also called Medicine Walk) that is guaranteed to support you in accessing personal insights and perspectives about yourself, some you may not even be aware of, as mirrored through the telling of your Wisdom Walk story.

  • Discover your most powerful and important core values – those that must be part of the next step in your life in order for you to regain a sense of purpose and value.

  • Learn how to begin to shape your future.

  • See how you can deal with those situations when you feel challenged in stepping into your next walk of life.

The Elements of the package:

An (Inner Compass) Wisdom Walk coaching package includes:

  • A questionnaire to create focus for your walk.

  • Guidelines for your medicine walk.

  • Three one-hour+ coaching sessions with me, either in person (San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas), by phone, or via video conference

  • Audio recordings of all our sessions as applicable.

  • A summary of recommendations on how to take forward the learnings from your walk.

(Inner Compass) Wisdom Walks are $500.