Self-Reflection for the End of Year

Take some time to consider all of the successes, wins, celebrations, and accomplishments that have come from 2018. What significance do they hold for you? How have they shaped you, and what have you learned from each? What was your impact on those around you? What breakthroughs are you celebrating?

Consider all failures, disappointments, letdowns, breakdowns, losses. What significance does each hold for you? What aspects were forgotten or left behind? Where have you abdicated responsibility? Where are you hiding? Where have you failed to act?

What has this year taught you about yourself? How have you transformed? In the context of the broader community, what has been your impact? Where do you need to up your game in 2019? What is your commitment to creating the world you envision? And how will you make this commitment real in 2019?

(Adapted from CTI: