Taking a Leap by Mark Coleman

Today a spider came floating through the air

and hovered a while above where I sat

suspended for a moment

but only a silky thread to its name,

reminding me of something so long forgotten

that it is possible to float in this troubled world

and offer oneself to the breeze

trusting in where we are blown

and be at ease in these strange and uncomfortable places we land.

Perhaps and island of discovery awaits,

unimagined possibilities beckoning us

from our familiar and predictable lives

into something so new it would leave us astonished.

What if you were going to set sail,

to give it all up to the winds that blow outside your home

with only a thread tying you to your life,

to what you knew for sure

and took that leap you have been waiting for?

The door is already open, the breeze is quickly passing.

Will you take this chance and jump?

It may be the best thing you ever did.