"If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears, does it make a sound?" Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing

Have you heard of this Japanese term Shinrin-Yoku? Literally it is translated into English by "Forest Bathing". Research has shown that there are a number of physical, emotional and psychological benefits to spending time in nature, but the Japanese have taken it to a new level by introducing Shirin-Yoku in 1982 as part of national public health initiative.

In this article from Quartz  the author, Ephrat Livni explains what Forest Bathing is. She writes: "Just be with trees. No hiking, no counting steps on a Fitbit. You can sit or meander, but the point is to relax rather than accomplish anything." The same approach of "just being", "not efforting" applies to Wisdom Walks, also called Medicine Walks. And the benefits are similar too. Nature provides the "medicine" you are looking for. The forest becomes the therapist. As a coach, I provide the guiding to make your walk as rich and insightful as possible. I am a trained Medicine Walk guide and as such, I am combining this time-tested tradition with coaching.

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